How to use black and white paintings?

During our china oil painting reproductions process,we usually met some black and white paintings.How can we use it,let's talk it in the following:

(1) white oil paint application:

White as the highest Brightness, color covering the most resilient, often used to mention a local color.

② white mixed with any of the other colors, will make such a purity of color Brightness increases, reduced.

③ can mix with the black contour have a plain grey, ranging from mixed you will get different values of gray.

④ to make the color lighter, mixed with white is not the only way. In nature, any color change as the light intensity. Such as red, tend to Lan Zi as it got dark, when it's lightened tends to orange. In other words, must be while adding Orange to bright red.

(2) application of black oil paint:

① black and any other tone has the potential to become "dirty".

② black as a color exclusive, independent applications on screen, or mixing into grey and white.

③ There are three traditional methods of reconciliation of the black:

Crimson cooked half Brown + green = warm + Black

Cooked half General Brown + Blue + Green = cold black

Cooked Brown + Green + Black Crimson = neutral

(3) white, black, usage of modern oil paintings:

Classical portrait oil painting with white paint, in addition to color, mainly to strengthen the contrast, make it opaque pigments for thick coating, as well as in the Department of State, aims to Bai Tiliang color. Modern oil painting, especially of impressionist painters in observation on the outdoor light, generally joined white color, lighten the overall color picture. Impressionist painters such as Manet, Monet, and pull all the colors mixed with white lead in varying degrees, increase the lightness of color, get natural light effect.

Black is not found in the spectrum, therefore struck off the Impressionist  landscape painting painter's palette was black. They also learned to reconcile after "black". Solid color, such as Ultramarine, magenta, green mixed together, making it closer to black. Renoir called black a "Queen", Toulouse-lautre, Cezanne, Gauguin, Matisse, Picasso and other modern outstanding painter are painted black, which makes their paint color is full of deep strength.

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