What is the artist habited color using?

From the masters of painting in ancient Europe to today's famous painters have color problem for personal habits. With artist's own color preferences and paint performance. After the deep understanding of basic properties of reproduction oil painting-color, painters can choose according to personal habits of color stability of strong color.

United Kingdom portrait oil painting artist Qiao Shu ya•leinuozi said: "four colors would be sufficient to bring up any of the requirements of color". Reynolds is an artist who uses color at least, writers recorded according to one of his biography, his palette of colors other than white, black, Naples yellow, Scarlet, pink, and only pulan. Another artist is in favour of using a limited color United Kingdom court fine art painter nigula•xiliyade. He opposed the use of opaque color, he likes to use colors of Venice, ultramarine blue, red, green, yellow, and Mulberry color (reddish purple). Excellent color masters Rembrandt painting again only a few colors, such as warm, bright yellow, deep red, warm, dark brown and cool colors such as green, blue, and green.

Perhaps less ancient painters used colors are limited because the color class. However in 19th century impressions of color was not much used by the school of painters. For example, representative of the Impressionist painter Monet, is most frequently used in ultramarine blue and cobalt blue, chrome yellow. In addition there are Emerald, gemstone green, Scarlet, purple, but not much. After 1880, he joined was cobalt violet in the works. Impressions after school of painters van Gogh like yellow (cadmium yellow), he believed that color of yellow is the most beautiful, the most vitality. Yellow stacked up in the twisting strokes of Van Gogh landscape painting, as well as flame, demonstrate a spiritual personality.

Recognized as the 20th century's most important and most innovative still-life painter qiaozhi•bulake (France), his palette has the best features, only white, black, Zhe, a small amount of lemon and a little red. It is hard to imagine how he color paint.

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