Appreciation of Wu Guanzhong painting

Compression in the stubby, the cohesion of the composition of the two rectangles, stressed the full sense of the amount of the United States. Rectangular pot chrysanthemum flowers form a rectangle similar to each other, the former constituted by the luxuriant petals, which is a comparison of the leaking window, the single button on the lid, small oval shape of leaf and flower size and shape is like, and the black and white contrast. Ink is running out of a small album, provoking, edge of imaginative art.
Control and Union, is the most commonly used in the art of landscape painting manipulation, this contradictory dialectical relations in play, impact on the work of ever-changing effects. Beauty of Xu Gu picture total to Concord, always Tibetan in Concord. He often performed between pine squirrel, thin is fluttering long pine needles, rat tail is short coat nail head, above and below the screen are lines in the world. Long-term and short-term in contrast, pine needles and coat the reverse movement, formed a sense of melody lines. Pine needles area is large, but thin and sparse sparse, brightness, squirrel figure is small, dense lines and exposed to light, concentrated into blocks, like some little weight in the entire screen, always good to maintain a sense of balance of the picture. I have no such song and pictures of squirrel works, only one piece of the drawing of dendrocalamopsis oldhami squirrel, as we can see author management efforts. Bamboo leaves like Willow drooping, vertical line is called, and control, lateral radiation of squirrel hair. National Palace Museum of the plum and cranes his possession of strong contrast in height of Concord. Severe Baihe reservoir at branch and flowers of line bundles, but distribution of dots and white block size is uniform tone still picture, this approach will also appear on the of the Phillips House.
The portrait oil painting artist Xu Gu's eyes, his observation of the image, is a form of analysis of the law of the United States. He focuses on overall combination of pictures, appearance does not move. As if all of the artist, his work is not good, but most said the efforts of art design. His goldfish, loquat, grape, Eggplant and more themes, trying to echo the beauty of each other between the circles and arcs, monk was intended not only between the flowers and fruits! Objective world of sense of beauty are generations of painters, artists portray specific images to express their opinions through beauty. Successful works fully expressing the author's sense of beauty. Work hard, have made specific and detailed tracing, but failed to capture the beauty of the picture, could not enter areas of art. Image of the United States, which constitutes a form of what are the conditions and rules of the United States, these related forms of scientific analysis and understanding of the United States, are by historical period being recognized. Painter created many of the great works of ancient, failed to work, of course, more important piece of work in one aspect has failed, leaving behind serious defects, which are descendants of summing up experience and explore the legacy of laws in practice. Fan Kuan's drawing of the mountain stream mountain Brigade is a historical masterpiece, magnificent, its sense of thick formation first of all due to the placement of the two large rectangles, stands a rectangle with horizontal rectangle is a rectangle, standing and recumbent (cornerstone) is strongly against. Two rectangular determinants of sense of proportion is a sense of stability and strength, structure, which is building the first issue, was building. Stone also lurk among the many rectangles, or approximately rectangular, make up the whole picture of simple uniform tone, trees, springs of the stream profile must not damage the prestige of the tone. In Ma Yuan's drawing of the T ' A KO solid also has many distinguished representation, but is made in the composition frame average classification of disease, no attention to the vital role of plane split, its basic structure repetitive, tedious, hopeless, while many local are very rigorous and complete. If the ancient artist has not yet been extracted and attention from objects that make up the beauty of forms of law, virtual Valley figure out a rule, know yet know why, he actively used and played this law, made a painting to a new exhibition explores the field of creative attempts!

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