Learning Liu Xiaodong oil painting

"Product of the art is emotion ... If feelings without any force of art, this kind of art is not art. "Liu Xiao Dong and Yu Hong's real romance with their portrait oil painting if you don't like the interpretation of the Readme, we might have, like all young people entering the common denominator rather than impulse (eyes with peers). A man is often achieved by a woman on the existing experience, the lingering just starting up.
One of the pictures: performance under the warm shade of shine, the two lovers snuggle hug of everlasting love, pray for happiness and anxiety, and confusing both to face, glowing strongly interwoven with love through the hands to express the simple beauty of human nature, under the winter package, vein storms, strong strong joints can glimpse of tension, expressive but sketchy. Youth so real, coincidence is ripe for Inn of the opposite sex, and the melancholy, depression is "late-bound" the origin of, perhaps there are other constraints, but the commonality of emotion makes people feel so long wait to embrace complex. "Hands can communicate ideas, gestures can convey the language (emotion), so the hand can be the finishing touch on the screen of a prominent role. ”
Picture two: similar posture will be formed for author and lover to the Readme on feelings, is true? Of course. Their performance practices College's rigorous skill and avant-garde spirit (often with representatives of radical resistance against traditional) integration, easily a thin hit. Large-area coating with figures to the topic of the penetration of the heap of large painted, swing, light color, edge and author of personality, spirit, the stretch to do a documentary-style cut. Details stories side by side with detailed description, let the spirit outside the above forms. However youth occurs in everyone's lives and touching performances in his editing of scenes pieces of real love, fascinating, offscreen connotation extends to the pictures of real performance. This a site than Qian a update figures expression, has has little confident and conquest, eyes clear and eager to, and parallel of hands embracing and sat, helpless in the staggered, color by red, and blue, and white of joy replaced has former Green, and white of disturbed, relax of posture suspended anxiety of mood, in every possible way of modeling strongly to meet sight on aesthetic of reviewed, its usually and great of emotional color and the art forces this and health. Oil painting language in Germany artists similar to Freud describes the spirit of, this is by no means simple, natural tracing communicated more and spiritual exploration of the language within the picture, real emotional integration, seemingly mainstream topics has a college skills and expression of avant-garde consciousness, and retain traces of edge. Without modification manner in which he draws a figure by his side, "daily" as Liu Xiaodong authoring feature overview, image is not only daily, environment is a daily, even the artist's creative process seems to have been accidentally left a trail of everyday life. Self-confidence is the real feeling and experience of social life around, devoted to the screen? Acura in the lives of many common performance model is a joy and happiness, this is all the more justifiable. "Natural--all sources of inspiration. Regardless of the artist's works are directly from nature, memories, fantasies, natural is always the sources of their creation. "Truth-art there are two kinds of truth, understood by the feeling of real, and there are thoughts of self-study or subconscious forces in perceptual and intellectual spirit created by real. Most importantly achieve emotion and reason in the art of balance.
Liu Xiaodong oil painting of the lingering, with exercises traces, but this does not affect the china oil painting reproductions of works of artistic truth to realize, but more clearly see the release of personal feelings. This is precisely one of the essence of art. From the style, to a certain extent it has differences with the traditional dignified, quiet, telling expose a means of revolt, also with the spirit of expansion in a noisy to influence the appearance of quiet. Humour, humorous vision of open secret of life, seems to be boring people pretending not to know plainly know is revealed, self-image will be disseminated to the general public. The lingering from the art style is inherited the works of Liu Xiaodong of ridicule and intuitive reality to say, warm and lonely. Way easy, simple and random constructions, cynical tendency, through its people's face breaks out in the picture.
Look at his paintings, often make their own recall touching the past, time and time again

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