Rise and development of Portrait painting theory

Portrait painting was one of Chinese painting, is one of the major categories of Western painting. It is based on figures for the painting of the subject is known, through the portrayal of people and their activities, and the relationship to reflect life. In ancient China, figure painting in four main categories: ① the historical facts of custom painting (the history of anecdote, customs status); ② road release figure painting (painting of the Buddha, DAO art); ③ young men and women painting ④ photo (portrait, vivid, portrait painting, portrait).
Theory of portrait painting, song and Yuan previously, mainly scattered across various paintings on the theory of painting criticism in appreciation, the oldest more systematic theory of painting criticism, creation, is the Eastern Jin dynasty Gu kaizhi of the Wei, Jin, Sheng stream draw praise the painting yuntai mountain in mind, the three paintings, such as on the picture.
Painting on the beginning of Gu kaizhi, is usually used in phase-phase of human destiny, having "bone method" "hierarchy of high or low" to comment on advantages and disadvantages of figure painting. As Gu kaizhi of Wei Jin WINS stream art praise under assessment small column female under: "clothing bun pitching in the, 1.1 art, are facies and into its brilliant attitude, and superiority or inferiority high or low of shaped, jueran easy has, difficult can far had of also"; assessment week emperors under: "overlap Nathan LUN has bone law"; assessment Volt Shennong under: "has odd bone and and better"......
Song and Yuan dynasties, there are specific theories on Figure Drawing. Yuan generation Wang Yi of wrote like secret under, directly will phase law and figures descriptive phase contact: "where wrote like be proficient phase law", and inheritance has Northern Song dynasty Su "vivid and phase together, law Dang and all in the Yin Justice of" of observation method, made "he party squeal talk Zhijian, this really temperament made see, I is static and seeking of" of theory. Emerged after the write like the secret as Qing Jiang Ji of the mysterious, Ding Gao the fax understand more detailed, specific theory of painting works, they are inextricably linked.
In ancient Chinese records on the figure painter, also good physiognomy to them stressed that: recorded the Song Guoruo virtual journal of the information on the picture mougu: "physiognomy, good writing. "" Can wrote positive "; Song Liudao alcohol Song paintings assessment under assessment mougu:" deep physiognomy, so Yu painting in the especially long wrote appearance "[10] (P41); song vision and a picture copybook under remember Hao Cheng:" was ethical wind mirror of surgery, so Yu art especially students ' kickball wrote "; Song Guoruo virtual pictures horizons log under remember Hao Cheng:" learn pass physiognomy, specializing in pass wrote "; song vision and a picture copybook under remember Han Qiu:" tasted in Shaanxi rural Longxing Temple art wall, its bone phase non-world color "......
Visible, does have some inherent association with the painting. I try to Gu kaizhi, Wang Yi II below on the human figure painting, for example, relationship analysis and figure painting.

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