Brief imtroduction of oil painting materials

Selection of oil and save
Selection of oil is also very important. Oil can basically be divided into two categories: one is the bristle; one is fur. Bristles are generally made of bristle, with bleached white, also unbleached black soft brush is made of Sable and Wolf hair, badger hair, its shape is flat and rounded tip,it is vey useful for the china oil painting reproductions artists.
Protection of brushes is very important, if protection can be better than a few years, but handy when painting. Finished painting after painting brush wash with SOAP is best. To wipe down the hair wash when washing, particularly root crowded pens wash. Wash preferably with waste newspapers after brush Pack together.
Palettes, palette knife
Painting palettes are indispensable tools. Best is made of nuclear Walnut color palette, is very light. Now replaced by plywood. Palette shapes are broadly divided into two types: one is rectangular; one is oval.
On the artboard color order of the following categories:
White one red and one yellow-green, one blue and one black
White one green, one blue, one red and one yellow, one black
Preferably arranged in order, otherwise it is not convenient to use, easy to stain color.
Palette knife is generally divided into two types: one is the painting knife, it can be when a pen is used, like draw painting oil portraits; another is the blade, flat or angled.
Their pigment spatula on the artboard, you can scrape the wrong color.
Town of wrist
This is useful tool to draw detailed, can not hand encounter part is not dry on the canvas. Painting of ' oil "(mixture Regulation)
Painting of oil are as follows:
1. Turpentine-is used for diluting oil painting-color.
2. Advanced gasoline-role-as above.
Both used to draw the color the first pass. But high petrol volatility very fast, sometimes paint oil damage, damage to the painting saved plays role.
3. MAREN poppy oil, Asia oil, walnut oil, rapeseed oil, fish oil, sunflower oil, and so on through the process can do color oil.
4. Light grease, also known as the "mediator". Processed oil, Mattie resin (or Dagmar resin) three-in-one oil and turpentine mix together.
Madishu is a growth in the Eastern Mediterranean coastal Evergreen shrub (genus rhus section). Mattie is madishu cut out of the glossy, transparent resin tear drop-shaped aromatic resins.

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