Oil Ointment making

Currently there is a translation of imported medicinal resins and Mattie resins are known as frankincense, but it does not light grease. Real Mattie resin imports very little to buy chemical reagents to large stores for china oil painting reproductions.
They can according to the artist's need to adjust the proportion of ingredients, usually one-third.
Production of light grease are as described below:
① through walnut oil
First 250 grams of walnut oil (or Asia MAREN oil) and a peeled onion in a beaker and place on the stove heated. After 15 minutes plus 1 gram yellow lead (lead oxide) mix. And then through 1gexiaoshi45fenzhong. The whole process takes 2 hours. Once the cold filter paper after being filtered in the bottle for use. Here note the wet rendering temperature should be maintained at between 100-110 degrees Celsius (small stew of oil). To onions bubble to control temperature. Too many bubbles or risk a range hood will fire immediately to take in, do not boil, Cook oil Coke.
② light oil
Mattie resin and turpentine on a 6:4 scale in heating on slow fire to make it melt, and then use the nylon stockings filtering, storage alignment within the bottle full bottle, to minimize the air within the bottle. Reset the shade alternate.
③ make good cooked oil, coupled with Mattie resin varnish, mixing into the cemented together in gelatinous, fait toners of a good mediator. This mediator color adjustment can achieve the effect of transparent drawing of ancient portrait oil painting. If stored for a long time maturing oil and light oil (cooked oil for about a month, light oil 5-15 days) mix, its color is more clear.
There is a natural light source to drying oil varnish methods: the walnut oil 1 kilograms into the white small bottles, sealed with gauze to make it through the air, placed in the sunlight from the Sun for one or two months. And then all a mix of turpentine, varnish. This three oils, applied in transparent drawing very well, it can be dried quickly, easy to draw a second time.

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